Mission Updates

The TimeForce Series is all about events that really happened, so there is tons of information out there for kids who want to find out more. Mission Updates are delivered to your inbox, giving some background for you and a whole package of kid-friendly information.

To simplify your life, every month we compile a list of the best information that we have found on topics from the books (and please free to recommend sites or assets you love). This saves you from sifting through mountains of links and lets your kids explore those areas that interest them to their hearts content.

In addition to links to cool videos, photos, etc., we also provide some fun word searches, Minecraft skins, etc. based on the book topics.

To see an example of what these updates look like, click here for Book 1’s Mission Update (Save the Dream: March on Washington). To sign up to receive monthly updates on the books as well as receive a link to the Mission Updates Archive page (for ongoing access to the available Mission Updates for all the books in the series), please enter your email below:

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