Mission Updates Subscribed!

Welcome to our Mission Updates! Every month you will receive a newsletter with additional information about one of the books in the Time Force series. The Mission Update may include videos, maps, timelines, etc. – all giving kids (and you!) more details on what else happened to that character or at that time (all related to the book).

Additionally, the Mission Update will include some fun items (also related to the same book as above) such as word searches, mazes, Minecraft skins, Minecraft buildings, kids giving speeches, etc. Some of these items have been created by kids who read our series and submit them to share with other readers.

If your kids want to submit their work to share with others, please send your kid’s work to timeforce@embridges.com. Any child that submits is automatically assigned an Agent Adjunct number – all submittals are listed by Agent Adjunct number to keep your kid’s information private.